P23 Q School Calendar

  • Winter Recess

    Schools Closed

    P23 Q
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Schools Closed

    Schools closed. 

    P23 Q
  • Regents Administration

    P23 Q
  • Spring Semester begins

    P23 Q
  • Midwinter Recess, Schools closed

    P23 Q
  • Easter Weekend, Schools closed

    P23 Q
  • Eid al-Fitr, Schools closed

    P23 Q
  • Spring Recess, Schools closed

    P23 Q
  • Memorial Day, Schools closed

    P23 Q
  • Anniversary Day/Chancellor's Conference Day for Staff

    Students do not attend school.

    P23 Q
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 What are MegaSkills?


Mega Skills implementation is a school-wide initiative intended to support the P23Q Social Emotional Learning and Writing goal.

Culturally Responsive and Affirming Mantra

The Mega Skills framework is designed to build character in action by incorporating social emotional learning alongside cultural diversity which supports students to become independent lifelong learners. Mega Skills will bridge the connection between the home and school, by encouraging high expectations for all students through different genres and resources as they demonstrate the skills they have acquired within a culturally responsive educational model. 

Mega Skills Literacy Goal

Students' access to literacy increases through direct explicit instruction, incorporating Mega Skills teaching, modern literacy thinking and best practices reflective of all the literacy shifts, ex. (vocabulary practice, oral and guided reading, writing instruction, and social-emotional learning) by giving students more opportunities for creativity, higher order thinking and self-reflection.





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